Global Smart Mining Cryptocurrency
enthusiast's affiliate program

The program launched in partnership with the largest Russian mining company. We offer the exclusive conditions for the members of the program, such as increase of passive income from the cloud mining investments, stock exchange training, safe and low commissioning and withdrawal of funds.

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We create the community of entrepreneurs

Our vision statement focuses on tomorrow. We believe in the prospects of digital technology and the crypto-currency market development. Global Smart Mining clients receive dividends in the largest in terms of capitalization currencies – Bitcoin and Etherium.




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Partnership program Global Smart Mining

The program offers its members trade training and expert ideas from one of the top-5 trading analytical groups according to Our clients receive information on byuing and selling tokens by the crypto-currency market most promising projects.

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Conditions of membership

The main condition of the program is signing smart-contract with GSM. The minimum deposit amount is $500. Each member of the Global Smart Mining partnership program gets the unlimited access to the community materials, private channels, along with the opportunity of passive increase of dividents’ amount with the GSM team assistance. The system of monthly payments growth is based on the win-to-win model, where the percentage of the partners’ income is proportional to the investment portfolio of the other partners.

Please be aware

Terms of the program apply only for those who have received a registration link from managers of the GSM team!

A contract offer is available for large investors

The guarantee of safety and security of the investments are constantly expanding pools and an increase of the computing power of Global Smart Mining crypto-currency "farms".


For the members o the partnership program we ofer the ollowing conditons:

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Investment in the Crypto-Currency Mining

One of the largest international mining pools represents the opportunity for our clients to receive the total annual income of up to 40-45% of the initial deposit amount. For each affiliate, the amount of dividends from the first investment will increase over the next 1000 days. Dividends are paid in a most convenient for a partner currency: USD, Ethereum or Bitcoin.

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Training on working with digital assets

We offer our clients the specialized training in trade - working with the largest international exchanges, finding the safest and least commissioned methods of entering and withdrawing the crypto currency, as well as the ways of its exchange for financial funds. Our clients make decisions on the purchase of certain assets guided by expert opinions of the analytical team of the community.

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Market’s signals and insights

We provide our customers with exchange signals for the purchase or sale of coins, with the ideas of technical analysis and the most likely movement of the assets’ price. We teach the techniques of short-term exchange speculation, and also give advice for the long-term investments in promising ICO projects and altcoins.

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Support 24/7

Constant support of the community, communication with experienced traders in private Telegram channels, the opportunity to stay up to date with the news of the 24/7 market and ask any interesting questions to professionals.

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How it works?

I you are not by yoursel , but with the company o crypto-enthusiasts or the amount o your deposit is large, we will gladly advise you on the ofer contract, invite you to an excursion to the mining pool and have a pleasant tme in a cozy ofce in the center o Moscow.

Application for participation

Leave your details and we will contact you by e-mail or just write to our manager in the chat

Our rates

Investors of Global Smart Mining have the opportunity to buy and exchange crypto currency, and withdraw funds with a low commission rate.
Dividends are paid each Monday of this month in Bitcoin or Ethereum

Наши тарифы

After calculation of funds

To your unique address in the personal account, the following conditions will be automatically distributed:


  • Fast Bonus 5% of the deposit amount
  • FAQ and training materials
  • Market insights, overview of ICO and listings of coins
  • Access to a weekly trading signals
  • Ideas of technical analysis
  • + 1 guaranteed partner with the deposit amount not exceeding 500 $ and 2% monthly from the amount of the affiliated investment


  • Fast Bonus 5% of the deposit amount
  • FAQ and technical support 24/7
  • Access to the chat with daily trading signals
  • Market insights, overview of ICO and listings of coins
  • Technical analysis and ideas from the expert group
  • + 1 guaranteed partner every 45 days and 2% of the amount of each affiliate investment every month


  • Growing Fast Bonus
  • Full access to the services of the program
  • VIP trading chat
  • A growing percentage of passive and residual income, an unlimited number of partners
Инвестировать * Check with the manager
for details.

Investment calculator

The investment is valid for 1000 calendar days, dividends are accrued every day of the pool operations. All payments are made through the production of crypto currency.


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